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Seven months ago,I had a terrible loss in my life,

something that changed me forever.

I never imagined there could be so much pain..

Now I see people divided in two..

Those who have experienced loss and those who haven't..

I'm not young enough to change my life and I'm not old enough to die...

But I have a wonderful son who needs me and I love him so much..

I have to stay here for him and bare the pain..And I will..

All these months I couldn't even talk about it..

Now I want to share it with you,my good friends,

who have always been there for me.It may ease my pain,just a little bit..

Thank you,all of you who haven't forgotten me..

My beautiful gifts..Thank you so much!

Swan at rest by subhankar-biswas
The Rose Within by Kay-March
Yellow Flower For Athina by surrealistic-gloom  
Anita Ekberg - Feeling romantic by subhankar-biswas   Broken Wings - Animated Thought by Guihena

HELLO...... by Tigles1Artistry Early Morning.... by Tigles1Artistry
My Time is Running Out by ElyneNoir Pearls by ElyneNoir
You're beautiful too... by ansdesignPink by ElyneNoir
 Unknown World by Mocris Iron Gate by lostknightkg
Englandid by scheinbarTiffanyid by scheinbar
An Intruder by JocelyneR Gina by F2,8 100mm Hugo Meyer Gorlitz lens by pagan-live-style
suspended in dusk by MWeiss-Art . by MWeiss-Art
Glitter III by Cinnamoncandy The Rose by Mocris
An Upgraded Street Cat by Mr-Ripley
I Can't Find Animal Planet Chanel by sesam-is-open
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme by Trippy4U

Guardians by Wesley-Souza
The Light Inside of Me by Wesley-SouzaAngel Fallen by Tris-Marie
A Bee In Her Bonnet by Lora-Vysotskaya The Moth by Lora-Vysotskaya
The Overthrown Queen by Lora-Vysotskaya
Poison and Snake by eerilyfair Pretty in Pink by marphilhearts
Frustration by WorlockMolly Fading Away by hummbuzz
Joy In Amnesia by Rowye
Honey, we need to talk by Rowye
Little Summer Sunshine by tamaraR
Men are mortal by annewipf
Silence is Golden by Pristy Mourning by YaelPardina
  Below The Castle by TheFantaSim
 Light Among Dark by malicescribe XIXth Major Arcana - The Sun by MonochromaticART
Fish Bowl by philippeL Clumsy by IcetalonWCW

Lady...... by Tigles1Artistry Mime by Kelly-N-Gin

AftermathA bridge crossing desolate earth,
freedom goading him
into a jarring kaleidoscope
of long-lost memories.
Neverland obscured,
perplexingly quiet,
remembrance skewed, twisted
under vestiges of war.
The extinction 
of youth and zen.
 <da:thumb id="596327583"/>  The Labyrinth   Here. Now,
   the structure divides itself,
                         a labyrinth,
                        not a maze!
   (- Do not be fooled by synonymous
      or any similarity between the words...
      as mazes are full of deceptions, ambushes,
     devious as the syllables of their names!)

   A labyrinth within a labyrinth,
               with a labyrinth in it,
   holding at each intersection,
     a mirror,
   the edge of infinity
   striking – looking back
   sparkling and dark.
   An halo bird,

Autumn feature No 108

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 10, 2015, 3:02 AM

My dear DA friends,it's been a long time since i submited my last journal.

It's been a rather hard summer for me,I can't wait for the winter to come..:)

I've missed you all so much!Take care,be well! :huggle:

Magic Night II by Dani-Owergoor Autumn Portrait by marphilhearts 
The Raven Lady by Mr-Ripley Nothing really Matters by shiny-shadows-Art
Daphne by FrancescaPoliti Tentation by Nina-Visallo
Beneath the Shadows by tamaraR
Sleeping fairy by KarinClaessonArt
Voyage by Nebelelfe-Art
the soul keeper by Lolita-Artz
Mystic by duzetdaram
I'm Back by akramkamil
Summer evening by Megan-Arts
Open the Fairy Door by Le-Regard-des-Elfes
Angels can't dye by annewipf
Going Down by eerilyfair
Hymns Of Ahriman by FUROR ART ONTOGENY CD Booklet by FurorArt

Marie Laveau Queen of Voodoos by RoseCS
Lucy Westenra 2015 by Villenueve
Forgotten Worlds by Ludifico
Secret Garden by CaoChiNhan
Digital Texture Artwork 301 by mercurycode
Count of Ravenkranz by DameOdessa
Jamie By Moonzaphire by Jamie-Nicole Peonies by Madink2000
Agony by BrennsArtAttic Mariposas de un invierno by Marazul45

Happy Birthday My Darling Mel.... by Tigles1Artistry We remember... by surrealistic-gloom
 Bored... by JocelyneR Watching the world go by by Arte-de-Junqueiro
I Got Dirty by TeaPhotographyI am a star! by Creamydigital
Introducing Lucy And Jacquie.... by Tigles1Artistry
The light within by Andorada
Splish splash by plumita1
One in a Million by Cinnamoncandy
Pikselfe nymphea by Melusine8
A Touch of Pink by mj-magic
spot on by prettyflour

You've painted me Red by ElyneNoir
Home Sweet Home by sesam-is-open
Will Not Be Save by scheinbar
one morning by augenweide

you are my light XII by JoannaRzeznikowska
The Erudite Cow by hummbuzz

For The Birds by Trippy4U
Melancholy Man by Hermetic-Wings
Bedouin by Canankk
Casper by wintersmagic
I'll Meet You There by LUCILALEYLA
Curiosity by Mocris

Maidens of Karyai II by lostknightkg

    Expectation by Cellarvee Undead Lolita Plusie by TheChgz    
Cat in the Dark by JoannaMoory
Teresa's Princess by philippeL

Frozen by MonaParvin

My latest works

EVERLASTING DANCE.. by chryssalis BROKEN DREAMS.. by chryssalis

Features 107-Fibromyalgia..

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 3:52 AM

Deep Allure by KarinClaessonArt 
Incubus by RoseCS
 Raven Queen II by eerilyfair
 Ophelia by Sisterslaughter165 
Regrets Two by Elysium56
 Natural Sounds by Lolita-Artz
 Vol de nuit by Nebelelfe-Art
Supernatural cover art by Dani-Owergoor
 Flower Fairy by Cinnamoncandy
 Lamia by Megan-Arts
 Through the Valley of Death... by Villenueve
 Choosing Worlds by nikkidoodlesx3
 Touch Of The Butterfly by shiny-shadows-Art
 Dysmorphophobia by Nina-Visallo
 Io and Zeus by FrancescaPoliti
 Feast of All Saints by Poetrymann
Hyperion by Mr-Ripley
Little Forest Dweller by tamaraR
Birds over city by VitaShuba
Queen of the Realm by FUROR ART by FurorArt

U7 by Csyyt
 Pearls by ElyneNoir  
Crystal leaf by Tyami


 Fade Away by Canankk
 Working Class Hero by Hermetic-Wings
  A Composition Of Light with a lady in red by scheinbar
 Little Drop by Mocris
 Climbing isn't a art by LewiARTs
 walking on a tightrope by augenweide 
soft drop by prettyflour
 Yesterday and Today.... by Tigles1Artistry
 Remember Me This Way by sesam-is-open
 Beaver Pond Sk by mtnboy64
Little Punkie by plumita1
Go Fetch by TammyPhotography

 Sea Goddess by MonaParvin 
May Birthday Card #5 by Jamie-Nicole 
The Dragonfly Maiden by JoannaMoory
 Lizzie by DameOdessa 
Still by HMissXX
Time Oddity         Time...
   Comes and goes,
   back and forward.
   It turns again and again.
   It changes its snake skin.
   It stays
   the same as always.
   A winter's coat left behind,
   hanging from an half open door.
         And I...
   I am standing,
   somewhere staring.
   I, on the mirror looking through another side of myself.
   I, the time traveller of nothing else... but me.
   The clepsydra's eye-glass,
   one sand face still gold...
   whilst the other already fades
   in the deep sea of my own memories.
Time Oddity
masked... as me
 <da:thumb id="475955752"/>  Born To DieBorn To Die
It feels like you can't wait
To erase me from your life
Wipe me off like a tear
Long before it got to dry
Rub your eyes, rub your heart
Perfect dream of you and I
While I pray and I cry
For love that was born to die
Wish I could go back to
When you stood here by my side
Honest words, open arms
There was nothing left to hide
Handful of fantasies
Days and nights of careless ride
Endless trust took its toll
Flawless picture slowly flied
Walking on earth like a ghost alive I
Cannot believe we have come this far
Running through memories I close my eyes, I
Want to escape kisses those leave scars
Deep in the dark with no light to guide me
I relieve sparks you want to forget
Set stars on fire and may they burn me
To the ground as if we've never met
Now we're both on our own
And I wonder whom to blame
For worthless promises
And that no one stays the same
I feel my colours fade
I'm a picture without frame
Masterpiece that's unsigned
Missing letters of your name
Love should bring happ

My latest work
BORN IN A CAGE.. by chryssalis
Take care,be well..:tighthug:

Features 106-Some advice,please?

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 11:18 AM

My dearest DA friends!I'm sending you my love and my best wishes for the New Year!
I hope you will be healthy,loved and creative!:love:

I would like to ask you for a little advice..Honestly!
What is it about my works that i must work on more?
What is it that you don't like and how do you think i can make it better?
Please,be honest with me!!Your opinion is valuable!!:blowkiss:

 North Wind by DiosaEMR Deep Water by Sisterslaughter165 
 Last Goodbye by Kurtzan  
Stained with sin by Altair-E  Phoenix by peroni68

 Eight Legged Freaks by crilleb50 Till the End by neverdying 
Cursed Waters - Detail by Shades-Of-Lethe   Last Breath by MissGrib  A Song That No One Sings by FurorArt
Happy Thoughts Make you Fly by Wesley-Souza Freak Circus - Animation by Guihena
  Pretty thing by Notvitruvian 
Sea Demoness... by Villenueve Medusa alada by Marazul45  Her Treasure by CaryAndFrankArts 
Siren by Megan-Arts The Alternative by astrangeallure 
Ice Angel by Patrick2011 Victimized by Andaelentari 
Another Time by Pixx-73 Nerea by maiarcita Seize a Nice Day by Mr-Ripley
A Bird In The Hand by orchid22  Yesterday Dream_08 by caddman
Dante's Passage by SilEnigmaArts Star Map 21725 by hummbuzz 
 Temptation of Eve by Madink2000  Best Friends by kimsol
Book of Dead Names by Bergkristalle Bewitched by frenchfox Cracks of Repentance by HigherSeeking
Northwest Passage by KangTengri November Rain by Emerald-Depths The tamer of dragons by RoseCS
The Naiads by Ellyevans679 I do by peroline astru by MililaniMak La femme aux corbeaux by CaroleBM
 Raven Spirit by DipikaMathoora Runaway by woodland-lullaby

Heart Lying Still by ChristabelleLAmort  Bleeding by eerilyfair

Hidden scream by Blossom-Lullabies December by Alexandra35 Seagulls Silhouette 2 by Miss-Tbones  
 The Way We Were...Try To Remember by LUCILALEYLA The Photograph... by Hermetic-Wings SUN VS. FOG by LewiARTs  
Snow white by MadeByRona Sweet Corsac Fox by Momotte2Smoke And Ashes by HippieVan57

Happy New Year to All! by JocelyneR Everything Is Broken by Trippy4UWhisper by EvaPolly
Cosmic Light... by Tigles1Artistry fireworks by FabioKeiner Summer is going. by surrealistic-gloom
Ready, set, go! by plumita1 THe Black ends by RezzanATAKOL Bad luck by janfoto 
 Looking for the Grid by scheinbar Takes an attitude to work at altitudes by pagan-live-style stripes in the foreground by scheinbar
 Autumn's Eyes by ElyneNoir New day by Melusine8  Three Pumpkins Three Cats by Canankk Get me out of here... by bindii

 For a happy new year by touchofthesoul -+-Flame of Phoenix-+- by TalviEnkeli 
TATTOO DESIGN snake skulls flowers by MWeiss-Art  Marilyn Monroe by candysamuels The Eyes of the Stalker by philippeL 
 Hummingbird Dance by MonaParvin Surviving Underwater by HMissXX Bird of Fire by DameOdessa
Family Portrait by Cellarvee Emma Stone by subhankar-biswas The shoes of youth by FiabeSCa


My latest work

:heart:CAPTURE... by chryssalis:heart:

Features 105-Eat my brains...

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 23, 2013, 9:04 AM

Music by Superbutt
Lyrics by A. Vörös

Why don't we jump into the fire, why don't we get clean?
Why don't we do it?!
Why don't we take back the power, why don't we keep it here?
Why don't we do it?!
Or why don't we run into the woods, oh why don't we hide?
Why don't we do it?!
Or why don't we rise from our ashes, why don't we fight?
Why don't we stand up and fight?

Eat my brains - rip off my head and suck out my brains
Eat my brains - rip off my head and suck out my brains

Suck on my thoughts and become wiser

Why don't we spread out our wings, why don't we fly away?
Why don't we do it?
Why don't we raise our fists and say what we have to say?
Why don't we do it?
Or why don't we run into the woods, oh why don't we hide?
Why don't we do it?!
Or why don't we rise from our ashes, why don't we fight?
Why don't we stand up and fight?

Eat my brains - rip off my head and suck out my brains
Eat my brains - rip off my head and suck out my brains

My beloved DA friends,I'm here,I always remember you

and I always love you very much..

Yay, food! by CaryAndFrankArts Irradiance by sesam-is-open Heartbeat Of The World by Tigles1Artistry Kaleidoscope by sesam-is-open
an inaccurate mirror effect by scheinbar Invincible by hummbuzz Gandalf square by Melusine8
A White-throated Sparrow by JocelyneRMy Little Queen Happy Outside by JocelyneR You said a LLAMA? by JocelyneR
Emptiness by SukhRiar My Dogg by morningstarskidMy Spot by wingsofdragons
Emotions - Collab with Underthespell by BrennsArtAtticTea and Philippe for YOU by TeaPhotography
Dreams.... Sweet Dreams For You by Tigles1Artistry Wave by RoseCSSwish by prettyflour
DILEMMA by Hermetic-WingsBucktooth by Canankk Miss Gizzy 2 by SalemCat
One Man's Trash Is Another Man's... by Trippy4ULooking at Pill by Alexandra35

The Beautiful Melody of Darkness - Animation by Guihena
Exile to a silent dance - Animation by GuihenaMy beloved Death - Animated Free Verse by Guihena
Old Ages by eerilyfair Healed By The Water by babsartcreations<da:thumb id="397381333"/>

Mature Content

No heaven where to be by tatucito

 Memories by Greek-panVengeance by SilEnigmaArtsnights in paris by peroni68

afterlifeThere is a moment of paralysis,
An unnatural stillness
Before the body releases the soul.
An ending that starts a beginning,
Birthed and reborn in the heart's dormant beat.
Floating away in that last rush of breath.
Everything you knew of ground or sky
Matters not in the kingdom of life everlasting.
Where we soar through rock with wings unseen.
God’s hands or just a merciful tempest,
Guides us, carries us everywhere all at once.
A sweet tempered surrender to our afterlife.
SolitaryYes, I’m living alone.
I've worn this apartment in,
it's comfortable now, like an old shoe.
Since moving in, I’ve discovered
I share this space with several
dangerous companions,
the lost tribe of my familiars,
unpredictable friends.
Most often they sleep, polluting
this narrow space with
insatiable dreams. When they
occasionally awake, their wide
open eyes blaze with dark passions.
I find myself scribbling outlines
of unspeakable dialogue.
Eternal SleepA sirens song,
Calls my name,
Sorrowful and beautiful,
Filled with pain,
The call of death,
Promises of peace,
An eternal one,
Of endless sleep.
Her open arms,
Hold me close,
As the coldness
Of death takes hold
Numbing and frozen
As the pain eases away
I close my eyes
And with my last breath
Say your name....

No News... by HMissXX<da:thumb id="397408256"/> Cute Lil Kitty by philippeL<da:thumb id="382610481"/> -+-She-+- by TalviEnkeli

My new works

LOVE TAMES.. by chryssalis  :heart: A glimpse at a Future's Ghost.. by chryssalis

Be patient with me...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 4, 2013, 11:06 AM
My dearest,beautiful friends!I've really missed you very much!
Personal issues have kept me and are still keeping me away from DA,
but I'm trying to get back now,I just need some time 
to get in touch with you again..
Please be patient with me...Again...:)

During my absence,I have been honored with two wonderful gifts

Manowarrior - Tribute to Ken Kelly by Guihena  from my dearest Guille :iconguihena:

Singing only for you by plumita1 from my sweet Brigitte  :iconplumita1:

These gifts made me feel really special and loved,
and I thank you from heart,my precious friends!  :happycry:

I haven't forgotten any of you,not for a single day!All my love to you!:tighthug:

Features 104-Go to Heaven for the climate..

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 16, 2013, 1:01 AM

Wonderful gifts from beloved friends,that gave me such joy!!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love,I cherish them!!:aww::love:

Contemplate by ChrissieCool by :iconchrissiecool:
Hold Me Close by ChrissieCool Cute Overload by ChrissieCool Lasso by ChrissieCool

The Beautiful Melody of Darkness - Animation by Guihena by :iconguihena:
Escapar - Animation by Guihena

Mature Content

When a Dark Angel repents - Animation by Guihena
Angel of the Morning - Animation by Guihena

To Be Uplifted by astrangeallure by :iconastrangeallure:
A Lovely Sight by astrangeallure Poetry In Motion by astrangeallure The Thief of Joyyour sweet
in a moment
to sink in
-the eyes tell
and overthought-
and she
it (insufferable plague)-
with a twist of distance
difference or in-
a feeling not felt
the thief,
(unknown, hidden)

:thumb378171245: by :iconkurtzan:

Stock IV by luisbc by :iconluisbc:
Stock VIII-II by luisbc Fire horse II by luisbc Another dimension by luisbc

Memories by plumita1 by :iconplumita1:
Crow Lake by plumita1 Black pearls are watching you by plumita1 yabbadabbadoooooooooo... by plumita1

Of Time and Death... - Ghosts of Days Gone By Col.
Time stared at himself in the mirror of its own eternity
and sighed desperately
Death at moonlight carrying portions of his heart
little fragile capsules where the sands of immortality
were at drift... back and forward as sails lost with no wind
again and again... repeatedly, countlessly
embracing the irretrievable gift in her gelid hands
She looked so pale, so alone in the dark...
moving endlessly
If only... they could stop for a moment leave the responsibility
of being Time and Death and be more than mere objects of deniability
that feeling, screaming within... for once be free... to love
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.

Mature Content

 by :iconkay-march:
ChangesWhat you see is what you get
is never enough for you... and you never let
me forget, with each breath
that I take... now, I'm aware and wide awake
Though is getting old, my face
is on the same place
where it's always been
and you're treating it like some kind of sin
running my skin
under your fingers and looking the other way
searching for more than just this... day to day
what can I say?
I can't change who I am... the things that I do
and make my heart work the way you need to
I can't change the facts, not will I want to
                      ...just to please you
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
The KeyUse
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.
Flying Over...The blackbirds flew over the city limits
and over the mountain peaks
carrying silk ribbons on their yellow beaks.
Where do they go, leaving me behind?
I wish I was a ribbon or a feather,
lace or the weather on their wings
torn away from myself by the winds.
Did I have cried, did I asked?
To be as far away from me as possible,
be nothing at all, no where...
Can I be one of them... fly fast and be there?
Be lost somewhere?
Such levity and swiftness,
a castle in the darkness.
Such happiness and wilderness!
© copyright of KAY MARCH - All Rights Reserved.

Return To Innocence by benneido by :iconbenneido:
MEGAN FOX by benneido GONE WITH THE WIND by benneido In search of ... by benneido


I love rain by Megan-Arts:thumb362757096::thumb380437092:
Ravens Violin Serenade by KarinClaessonArt In my hands by RoseCS
Angel Of Lotus Pond by SeventhFairy tHE Possession by StarsColdNight Red Moon Burning by orchid22 My small world by MarkOoMarben

Features No 103-The meaning of life,Watson...

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 11:06 AM
"What is the meaning of it, Watson? said Holmes solemnly
as he laid down the paper.
"What object is served by this circle of misery and violence and fear?
It must tend to some end, or else our universe is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable.
But what end?
There is the great standing perennial problem to which
human reason is as far from an answer as ever."

― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Cardboard Box

A wonderful dedication from dear    :heart::iconkurtzan:  :heart::thumb375415249: :heart:
Thank you,my dear friend!:aww::huggle:
Some beautiful works from his gallery!
Sanctuary by Kurtzan Dovahkin by Kurtzan Looking into the Wrong Way by Kurtzan



Spare Ribs by ChrissieCool Hope II by Sandra-Cristhina The light inside me by Sisterslaughter165:thumb376242303:
Dryad by Megan-Arts:thumb371160987:
Magical Owl by eerilyfair Calin and Caress by Sisterslaughter165 A Wonderful Dream by Wesley-Souza
Ligeia by Shades-Of-Lethe Lost Love by KarinClaessonArt Into the Woods by FictionChick
CD Cover Commission - Country Fried Chicken by kimsol:thumb337587865: Circus Maximus by KingaBritschgi
Freak Circus by MissGrib Sorrow by babsartcreations Misery by dl120471 Lady Bougainvillea by maiarcita
The Unicorn and the child by Altair-E:thumb376141455:
Bride by FurorArt Mother s Love by CrisestepArt:thumb376666889:
Roman Noir by frenchfox Minds Maker by Greek-pan 'anhyyb 3 by MililaniMak

Mature Content

Eden... by fir3torqu3

The Raven That Refused To Sing by kayjensen Desperation by JacquelineLecocq Alice I Have Been by astrangeallure


a fading memory by scheinbar It's a froggy time... by bindii Blue-ti-foto by Trippy4U
Meeting with Mr. Bunny 1 by Melusine8 Spring shadows by Melusine8 In Spite Of Everything by sesam-is-open Summer Time Tea by TeaPhotography
Waiting by caroline0neill We are one II. by rob-i I Love My Grandpa by Canankk
Sunlit Melted Snow in the Forest by surrealistic-gloom U.A.V by morningstarskid I am a good Wolf by BiBiARTs

Mature Content

West Hollywood 2 by art-n-rythym
New Members of the Family by JocelyneR Happy Valentine's Day by LUCILALEYLA
Licks From Daddy, Clean Behind the Ear 2 by Miss-Tbones Together in Perfect Harmony by TeaPhotography Kinda Sleepy by AlexAidonidis


The Raven II by luisbc wonderland by lisa-im-laerm The Consultation by scheinbar CROW tattoo design by MWeiss-Art Owl by luisbc
Beautiful Eyes by philippeL Love, Cry. by MonotonyArt Cassiopee by DameOdessa

My latest works
TRAPPED IN A NIGHTMARE.. by chryssalis:heart: WHEN I WOKE UP,MY FAITH HAD DIED.. by chryssalis:heart:

Mature Content


Thank you for being here!Have a great week,my dear friends..Take care!:huggle::blowkiss:

Features No 102-I'm always here with you...

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2013, 12:51 PM

Hello,my dearest DA friends,my lovely family!
I haven't been much around lately,
but this doesn't mean that I have forgotten you at all!

Every chance I get,I try to keep up with your works and your comments.
Forgive me if I am late!

This idea of the DA to permit the change of the usernames
has caused me the loss of many good friends,

who I find again by recognizing their works!
My god,I'm so confused and lost!!:laughing:

I love you all and I want to thank you for everything!
I think of you and miss you very much!:tighthug::kiss:

A beautiful gift from my dear brother Ayhan!Thank you so much,I love it!:love:
:iconhermetic-wings: When A Power Central Gets Old by Hermetic-Wings

Some works from his wonderful gallery!
I Payed for All... by Hermetic-Wings A la Recherche du Temps Perdu... by Hermetic-Wings Altar at Eflatunpinar-Hitite Monument by Hermetic-Wings

An amazing texture pack,a gift from my beloved Halcyon!I'm really honored!
:iconhalcyonshores: :thumb367574658:
Some works from her fantastic gallery!

A wonderful picture from my sweet Selina!:love:
:iconsesam-is-open: Natural Good Wishes by sesam-is-open

Some of her beauuutiful works!
The Light Of A Star by sesam-is-open The Dreamer by sesam-is-open DELICATE by sesam-is-open

A beautiful gift from my dearest Lady Sandra!:huggle:

Mature Content

The Queen's Mausoleum by Villenueve

Other wonderful works from her gallery!

Mature Content

Lilith Rising... by Villenueve

Mature Content

Mature Content

Armand De Romanus... by Villenueve


Relaxing by Melusine8 Rise And Shine! by HiawathaPhoto Orange is Beautiful by TeaPhotography
Fields by Earth-Divine Five In Five IV by Trippy4U --^-- by AlexGrifo
Dreams by NataliaCiobanu verschmolzen by scheinbar

Mature Content

Ell-21 by adrian272727

Sunny Flowers by surrealistic-gloom:thumb365453183: Resting state by Auriferous-art
tenderness v2 by DJA56 sticky fingers by augenweide Alien Bark Premium Set by CD-STOCK

:thumb363629743: Field-of-Dreams by SharonLeggDigitalArt Black Princess by Flobelebelebobele
Beckoning by EnchantedWhispersArt Evil Dead by neverdying Pandora by Megan-Arts Red Riding Hood by Hoangvanvan
Somewhere by ChristabelleLAmort

Mature Content

Moonlight Allure by SilEnigmaArts
a dark FairyTale by Garden-Of-BlackRoses

Mature Content

I gave you my heart by Shades-Of-Lethe
WWW by WorlockMolly If Tomorrow Never Comes by inObrAS
Forest Princess by emanrabiah Bride by Beholdentolove SprinG Fairy by SeventhFairy Lightness of soul by Sisterslaughter165
The Lady of Crows by Le-Regard-des-Elfes Where Angels are Born by KarinClaessonArt In Nana's Attic by TheFantaSim

Inner Struggle by WorlockMolly Black Swan by philippeL Mia by MonaParvin
Twin Visions by HMissXX:thumb370027915: Glitter Cameo Necklace by LaVolpeCimina

My latest works..Thank you so much for your support,it means the world to me!:love:

A GHASTLY MEETING .. by chryssalis  :heart::heart:   ONE MUST STICK TO THE STORY.. by chryssalis

Have a wondeful weekend,my dears!!:aww::huggle::kiss:

Features No 101-Fear,the mind-killer...

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 31, 2013, 11:06 AM
 It is happening all over again. That sickly helpless feeling that spread
with its icy fingers, slowly eating up all faith and hope.
We are frightened of everything. We call it caution. We call it common sense. We call it practicality. We call it playing the odds,
but that's only because we're afraid to call it by its real name,
and its real name is fear.

"Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing......Only I will remain."

I'm so very tired of being afraid....:(

Wonderful gifts from beloved friends!

Vacuous - Animation by Guihena by :iconguihena:
Zen - Animation by Guihena:star: Tales of Midnight - Animation by Guihena :star: Night Eternal - Animation by Guihena

You Stole My Heart.. by JacquelineLecocq by :iconjacquelinelecocq:
Sweetest Feeling by JacquelineLecocq:star: Little Butterfly Demon by JacquelineLecocq:star: Picture, Perfect World by JacquelineLecocq

Tenderness And Love by Tigles1Artistry by :icontigles1artistry:
:thumb361358710::star: Lx Factory IV by Tigles1Artistry:star: The Enchanted Planet I by Tigles1Artistry

:thumb355604039: by :icondraaket:
:thumb360878841::star: Dark Gate by DraakeT by DraakeT:star::thumb353881687:

Poupine - Light and Shadow by JocelyneR by :iconjocelyner:
Lovely Little Sparrow by JocelyneR:star: Young Reddish-brown Squirrel by JocelyneR:star: The Oats are ready for harvest. Macro by JocelyneR

Lucky Lips by LewiARTs Wizard's familiar by tamaraR

Mature Content

Traveller by Megan-Arts

Death of the Raven Warrior by KarinClaessonArt Eleven Pipers Piping by wintersmagic Life finds a way by neverdying
Nightmare by Lhianne Leaving the Nest by VicEberly:thumb361499434: Portrait of the Damned_ Juggernaut by KYghost
:thumb355561829::thumb361681735: Lost in past by stellartcorsica
It burns inside by emanrabiah At Top Speed by babsartcreations

Mature Content

Rebirth by Shades-Of-Lethe
The-Blue-Fairy by EnchantedWhispersArt
Poison Ivy by peroni68 Brainwash by Garden-Of-BlackRoses Rumors of Decomposition by Frama
J`Adore L`Or by TitusBoy25:thumb361434071::thumb362212279: Picking Apples by AliaChek
Lucid Dream_11 by caddman LightCarrier by KarinClaessonArt Swept Away by kimsol

Les Trois Mousquetaires by Hermetic-Wings From A Distance by TeaPhotography Ring, Ring by FrankAndCarySTOCK
:thumb359405603: serenity by augenweide Angels Cry by LUCILALEYLA
natural light by funkichkn Red Song by augenweide In My Place by creativemikey
Dream it! by RezzanATAKOL Ljubljana by EvaPolly Rubber bits ... by RavenofLuna

:thumb360512423: LIFE is Like a Box of... by HMissXX Leather Boot by philippeL
Poison by MonaParvin Always on my mind by CeciliaGf Leftover by katiousa15:thumb351447235:

Mature Content

A pregnant moment,
though every day must die
this day is bleeding,
a slow, relentless ending
leaving little room for hope.

Thank you so much for every fave and comment on my latest work!
It means alot to me!:huggle:

Features No 100-Echoes of Dreams that ran away...

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 9:24 AM
she got lost in the forest
chasing fireflies and echoes
of dreams that ran away, before
she stopped believing in their magic

the snow didn't fall that year
but all was white as if aged
from deep within like
an ashen offering
to the winds
of time.
by :iconhalcyonshores:…

I'd like to thank my dearest friend Mel :iconarte-de-junqueiro:,for his wonderful gift.. A muddy path by Arte-de-Junqueiro
Thank you so much,my Mel,I love it!:bow::love:
Some beautiful works from Mel's gallery:
:heart: Me - a dummy? by Arte-de-Junqueiro Old Town Street I by Arte-de-Junqueiro Four Generations by Arte-de-Junqueiro A Lisbon Tram II by Arte-de-Junqueiro Happy Birthday Tina by Arte-de-Junqueiro:heart:

Sorrow by FurorArt Lovers Revenge by Wesley-Souza Red by Flobelebelebobele Rose Fairy by shiny-shadows-Art
Red riding hood and a not bad wolf by Megan-Arts Spirit of The Raven Warrior by KarinClaessonArt
:thumb350462148: Magicamente by Marazul45:thumb347421620: Totem Spirit - Crab by Ellyevans679
The Golden Hour Is Truly Magical by orchid22 In Close Distance by frozenmistress Resurrection by Art-Kombinat
Winter Fairy by digitalessandra Without You by VicEberly Queen Of Trees by LewiARTs
Saving Prince Eric by FictionChick Eyes Of Ixchel by SilEnigmaArts L'ange du temps passe by MaliciaRoseNoire
Royal by CindysArt:thumb349513675: Dissolution 7 by EveLivesey Frost on Her Pillow by ChristabelleLAmort
Favole Rose by Bohemiart -+-Lost souls-+- by TalviEnkeli

Mature Content

1910 by Canankk
Flambiert by BiBiARTs
Session of Spiritism by frenchfox merquila by Lhianne:thumb352260726:

Mature Content

EXIT by Greek-pan

Sweetheart by KalosysArt:thumb352894683: The Enchanted Planet I by Tigles1Artistry
:thumb351305685: Portrait by MaliciaRoseNoire Swirling fragments of grief by Shades-Of-Lethe My Keeper by MagicOfTheTiger

Cloudy by dragon-fly-to-me Unreality of Time. by lostknightkg I Learn To Live Before I Die by sesam-is-open :: five years ... :: by HarisDrako
Relaxing by Melusine8 the possibilities he dreams of by funkichkn Love knows no boundaries by PutYourBraveFaceOn
first light by augenweide Sunset of seaside by MustafaSEZER Heavenly by TeaPhotography
Through Mine Eyes XI by astrangeallure Bonjour Tristesse by Hermetic-Wings They Go From Where They Went by Trippy4U
Alice: Let The Madness Begin! by little-bow-peep

Mature Content

Black Book V by guille1701
:thumb353701072: Ice Art.... by wingsofdragons
Daddy, feed me! by JocelyneR:thumb353262108: Last Day Of Summer by surrealistic-gloom

Sometimes She Feels by HMissXX collab1withsandpaperdaisy by scheinbar lamp  and  flower by ritsasavvidou Naughty Stare by philippeL

Thank you for every watch,fave and comment on my latest works!
THEY GATHER AT NIGHT.. by chryssalis:heart: WINDBLOWN by chryssalis

I highly appreciate it!:bow::love:

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Features No 99-All we need is love...

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 8, 2013, 12:06 PM
My dearest friends,I wish to you all a Happy New Year with health,love and creativity!!:love:

Some wonderful Christmas gifts from dearest friends,
gave me so much happiness at the last days of the old year!

Crumpled RainbowsCrumpled Rainbows
Most hands would just recklessly crumple
Colourful rainbows of my skies
And stomp on them to see me humble
Chained to ground, suffering in my ties
You playfully twist them, then your fingers
Furl them ropes neatly into piles
And encourage me to not linger,
To break free, erase all that's vile
You turn world's arrows into sunshine
And make daisies bloom in my hair
I'm certain worries cannot confine
My heart as long as you are near
Bars of the cage holding me hostage
Forged of fear much firmer than steel
Line up as stairs, there starts my voyage
Leading up to where dreams get real
by :iconthedarkenedbride::star: Stalked by a Peacock by TeaPhotography by :iconteaphotography:
DECEMBER PLANETFIT by HMissXX by :iconhmissxx:

Pulled In, Too Deep Water by astrangeallure by :iconastrangeallure: :star: :thumb343820492: by :icondarkvisionsdreams:
Mid Winter Rose by Arte-de-Junqueiro by :iconarte-de-junqueiro:

Thank you all soooo much!!!:aww::tighthug:

:cake:Happy Birthday Jasmin :iconkuschelirmel:

Mature Content

Awakening by kuschelirmel
Flower Girl by kuschelirmel The Woman in Limbo by kuschelirmel My Frozen Heart by kuschelirmel

:cake:Happy Birthday my sweet :iconsurehuinel:
Nightmare by Surehuinel Blue - Colour Series by Surehuinel Abyssal by Surehuinel Water by Surehuinel

:cake:Happy Birthday Vicky:iconxilaphoenixart:

Royal Friends by xeena-dragonkizz:thumb341978696::thumb345422926: Love was Her Undoing by Rae777
1935 by Canankk Far From The Sun by Pixx-73 -darker city- by TuubArt:thumb321944156:
Sky Castle by tamaraR:thumb341034478::thumb344919267: Transition by digitalessandra
In the poppies by levifreelife Watching Over You by ReyeD33 Swing of memories by Shades-Of-Lethe the spirit of the forest by beyzayildirim77
Tired Santa by MissGrib Sunset on the Kalahari by SilEnigmaArts Lost Souls by KarinClaessonArt:thumb345038100:
Lena Light by kitiekat4U Christmas Fairy by JinxMim Whirlpool Of Emotions by BiBiARTs

Mature Content

-+-All Hallows' Even-+- by TalviEnkeli
The Portal by maiarcita
Dissolution 4 by EveLivesey Sighs of blood by frenchfox :: swinging :: by StateOfKaos The last bullet by Greek-pan Pride by crilleb50
Lazy Santa by YBsilon She lives inside the woods by kayjensen What Santa does unwatched by Megan-Arts

Mature Content

The Lovers of the Sacred Sands by AdigunPolack

No Steam by KingaBritschgi Depression by babsartcreations El cisne y la luna version by Marazul45 Genesis by neverdying
Damnation by Aeternum-designs:thumb345416835::thumb347013397:

Mature Content

Siren by ValantisDigitalArt

:thumb282114208: Forget Me Not by creativemikey Relaxed by martintinaz:thumb345333896: