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May 8, 2013


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Features No 102-I'm always here with you...

Journal Entry: Wed May 8, 2013, 12:51 PM

Hello,my dearest DA friends,my lovely family!
I haven't been much around lately,
but this doesn't mean that I have forgotten you at all!

Every chance I get,I try to keep up with your works and your comments.
Forgive me if I am late!

This idea of the DA to permit the change of the usernames
has caused me the loss of many good friends,

who I find again by recognizing their works!
My god,I'm so confused and lost!!:laughing:

I love you all and I want to thank you for everything!
I think of you and miss you very much!:tighthug::kiss:

A beautiful gift from my dear brother Ayhan!Thank you so much,I love it!:love:
:iconhermetic-wings:When A Power Central Gets Old by Hermetic-Wings

Some works from his wonderful gallery!
I Payed for All... by Hermetic-WingsA la Recherche du Temps Perdu... by Hermetic-WingsAltar at Eflatunpinar-Hitite Monument by Hermetic-Wings

An amazing texture pack,a gift from my beloved Halcyon!I'm really honored!
:iconhalcyonshores: texture pack by halcyonshores
Some works from her fantastic gallery!

A wonderful picture from my sweet Selina!:love:
:iconsesam-is-open:Natural Good Wishes by sesam-is-open

Some of her beauuutiful works!
The Light Of A Star by sesam-is-openThe Dreamer by sesam-is-openDELICATE by sesam-is-open

A beautiful gift from my dearest Lady Sandra!:huggle:
:iconvillenueve:The Queen's Mausoleum by Villenueve

Other wonderful works from her gallery!
Lilith Rising... by VillenueveArmand De Romanus... by Villenueve


Relaxing by Melusine8Rise And Shine! by HiawathaPhotoOrange is Beautiful by TeaPhotography
Fields by kalika31Five In Five IV by Trippy4U--^-- by AlexGrifo
Dreams by NataliaCiobanuverschmolzen by scheinbarEll-21 by adrian272727
Sunny Flowers by surrealistic-gloomResting state by Auriferous-art
tenderness v2 by CrowManICsticky fingers by augenweideAlien Bark Triptych by CD-STOCK

:thumb363629743:Field-of-Dreams by SharonLeggDigitalArtBlack Princess by Flobelebelebobele
Beckoning by EnchantedWhispersArtEvil Dead by neverdyingPandora by megan7Red Riding Hood by Hoangvanvan
Somewhere by ChristabelleLAmortMoonlight Allure by SilEnigmaArtsa dark FairyTale by Garden-Of-BlackRoses
I gave you my heart by Shades-Of-LetheWWW by WorlockMollyIf Tomorrow Never Comes by inObrAS
Forest Princess by EiMy86SprinG Fairy by SeventhFairyLightness of soul by Sisterslaughter165
The Lady of Crows by Le-Regard-des-ElfesWhere Angels are Born by SweediesArtIn Nana's Attic by thefantasim

Inner Struggle by WorlockMollyBlack Swan by philippeLMia by MonaParvin
Twin Visions by HMissXX:thumb370027915:Glitter Cameo Necklace by DeadLulu

My latest works..Thank you so much for your support,it means the world to me!:love:

A GHASTLY MEETING .. by chryssalis  :heart::heart:  ONE MUST STICK TO THE STORY.. by chryssalis

Have a wondeful weekend,my dears!!:aww::huggle::kiss:

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morningstarskid May 24, 2013  Professional Artist
:love:...Well Done!!!
Thank you so much,dear Mark!:bow::love:
morningstarskid May 26, 2013  Professional Artist
My pleasure,my friend..
MonaParvin May 18, 2013  Professional
Such a beautiful feature wow :heart: thank you so much my kind friend for including me and my humble work in your beautiful collection :heart::hug: I am honored! :rose:
The honor is mine,your work is amazing,my dear Mona!!:love::huggle:
Many thanks for the feature sweetheart :love: :iconkissmote:
Always a true pleasure,my dearest!:love::huggle:
Momotte2 May 13, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Lovely feature ! :love: :clap:
Thank you,my dearest Helene!:love::huggle:
babsartcreations May 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
:heart: Beautiful feature
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